Something a little Personal

I decided to do a little cuddle cushion for my kids using the photo transfer process onto fabric of their Daddy. The reason being, we are off to New Zealand at the end of the week to visit family and friends but unfortunately their Daddy is not able to come due to work commitments.  My daughter has been in tears several nights in a row about how much she will miss him so I thought this would be a lovely comforter for the kids to snuggle up to at night, so their Daddy is with them all the time.

Okay its a bit different, not perfect but I know the kids will like them and enjoy snuggling them. I had to make it quite small as I had to think about luggage and all the other things I need to pack as well (a job that still needs to be done!).

I thought this time I would document the process involved, the original tutorial comes from here.

The first step, the printed image (I did this in sepia on ink jet, laser probably better), Liquitex Medium Gel, fabric (I used calico), and fabric paintbrush.

Add a thick layer of the medium gel over the image.

Put the image face down on the fabric and leave to dry for several hours or overnight.

Now it is time to see how the image transferred. You can use a water spray bottle to wet the image and then gently rub off with a cloth or do what I did and just used a damp cloth to wet and rub as I couldn’t find a spray bottle. You have to be quite gentle otherwise you may tear the image and also I found that if I got it too wet the ink smeared over the edges, which for this project wasn’t a big problem as I was sewing the edge for the cushion.

Note: this is a bit messy so best to have something underneath to collect the bits of paper that you are rubbing off.

This is how they both turned out, you can see they are both different, and perhaps had I left it overnight, the image would have come out a bit better, its all experimenting and I do enjoy doing it, plus the kids now have their little Daddy cuddler!

About Melanie Paul

Welcome, I am Melanie, a freelance surface pattern designer and mum of two gorgeous children. This blog is a journey of discovery and appreciation into the world of arts, crafts, design and everything in between. I keep everything real and honest in everything I do. I hope you enjoy reading and please do comment or share, if you share, please link back accordingly.
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8 Responses to Something a little Personal

  1. Florence says:

    What an amazing idea. I am sure your girls will take great comfort from them. TFS the tutorial.
    Regards Florence.

    • Thanks Florence for the lovely comment, I am hoping it will help my 6 year old daughter as she has been quite distressed although not sure about my 4 year old son, I don’t think he has registered what will happen, expecting lots of tears at the airport!

  2. Julie Pike says:

    Hi Mel, fantastic idea – good luck on the trip. Keep them busy with lots of fun activities, singing, different food, talk about what fun things you are going to get up to and who and what you are going to see, etc. Julie xx

  3. Alison says:

    This is a very sweet idea for your kids to remember their dad! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  4. Thanks Alison for the lovely comment.

  5. Tracy R says:

    My husband is deploying to Afghanistan so I’m considering making these for my twin boys. Did you ever have to wash your pillows? If so, how did it turn out? Thanks for the tutorial!

    • Hello, I have to say I have not washed them as they haven’t got dirty as they just sit on the kids beds so I am not sure how they will go in the wash. I think a little spot washing may be okay but you would have to be careful not to wash the ink off the cushion. Wishing your family all the very best. 🙂

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