Upcycling Children’s T’shirt into a cushion

It’s spring and what better time than to have a good clear out of clothes that are outgrown and old.  However in my household my kids just don’t like the idea of getting rid of their clothes, even if they are way too small!  I came up with a compromise and decided to use elements from their t’shirts to create a new item, hence the cushion for my first project.

This is my son’s t’shirt which he adored but is too small for him plus it had quite a few stains on it too. I loved the bus and thought it would look great on a cushion, so I carefully cut it out.

I decided to make an envelope cushion as it is a fairly easy and quick to do. I cut the front fabric approximately 20 inches square, then cut the back pieces, one half the size of the front piece and the other two thirds of the front piece. As you can see from the photo, its all very approximate.

I put some iron on interfacing to add more strength to the bus fabric. I then used temporary spray glue to attach the bus to the front panel of my cushion and carefully stitched around the edges to keep it in place.

I decided to add my son’s name to the cushion so I used iron-on transfer adhesive for the lettering of his name, tracing the letters on the transfer adhesive, ironing the transfer adhesive onto some red linen fabric, cutting out the letter, putting it onto the front panel of the cushion and then with a contrasting thread (light blue in this case), stitching inside the letters to make it effective and also secure the letters to the cushion front panel.

I hemmed up the two back pieces approximately an inch on each piece where the envelope opening would be, then put the half piece at the bottom and layed the two thirds piece on top and just did a few stitched either side where the opening would be, in order to keep the two piece together.  The next step I pinned all around the edges with right sides facing each other as per the photo, and then did a half inch stitch right around the edges.  The final steps were cutting the corners for less bulk, pulling the fabric through the envelope opening, poking the corners through and finally ironing it.

Note: I have left the envelope opening with no fastenings for the moment, however you could use buttons, velcro or whatever you would like to finish it with.

The finishing product, a unique and personal cushion for my lovely son with memories of a t’shirt he loved!

About Melanie Paul

Welcome, I am Melanie, a freelance surface pattern designer and mum of two gorgeous children. This blog is a journey of discovery and appreciation into the world of arts, crafts, design and everything in between. I keep everything real and honest in everything I do. I hope you enjoy reading and please do comment or share, if you share, please link back accordingly.
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6 Responses to Upcycling Children’s T’shirt into a cushion

  1. Maysem says:

    Adorable idea!

  2. Lauryn says:

    super cute! i would love for you to add this to my weekend link party. check it out here:
    {love} lauryn @ lovenotesbylauryn.blogspot.com

  3. That is SO adorable!!! 🙂

  4. Thank you for the lovely comment.

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