New Home – Blank Canvas

Well today we finally got the keys to our brand new home, its been a long 3 month process but we got there in the end.  It is an exciting time as it’s really the first family home for my kids, we have been renting for most of my sons life and my daughter has no recollection of our New Zealand house.  As it is a new build, we have a completely blank canvas.

I’m looking forward to creating a home that has personality, putting our mark on it as such, although my daughter has literally already put a felt tip mark on the wall, it was an accident apparently!

It is a fairly typical new build with a very small garden, however it does have a few added luxuries such as underfloor heating and a lovely wet room with a massive shower head which I can’t wait to try!

The kitchen is my favourite part of the house, it has so much bench space and storage, well at least three times more than I have had for the past 3 years.  I do enjoy cooking and this space will serve me well.

We are in the process of moving, hence the lack of furniture, we have a very busy day tomorrow of moving everything in, we opted to do it ourselves as we are only moving down the road, hope this isn’t a silly idea especially as we will have two little people helping!  It will be interesting to see how the lounge looks with our furniture in, I’m hoping it all fits nicely.

This my new study/studio, it is smaller than my current room but I will not be sharing it with a collection of toys so that has to work better I think. I can’t wait to design this work space, I have so many ideas, most importantly I want to have my fabrics out on shelving and not hidden away.

I am looking forward to working on these blank canvases to create a truly unique and personable home, one thats speaks for itself and is of course homely!

About Melanie Paul

Welcome, I am Melanie, a freelance surface pattern designer and mum of two gorgeous children. This blog is a journey of discovery and appreciation into the world of arts, crafts, design and everything in between. I keep everything real and honest in everything I do. I hope you enjoy reading and please do comment or share, if you share, please link back accordingly.
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6 Responses to New Home – Blank Canvas

  1. Lee says:

    Wow Mel that looks just lovely. Everything looks so tasteful and yes that kitchen will be perfect for you I think. I am so happy for you guys, enjoy settling into your house and making your ‘mark’ on it. Thinking about you xx

  2. Congratulations! It’s beautiful!!! 🙂

  3. Florence says:

    Hi Melanie. Gorgeous house…… and that kitchen!!!!!! Wishing you and your family all the very best in your new home.
    Regards Florence x

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