Recycling that changes lives

For me, I love recycling everyday items to create new and exciting objects for the home.  For some, this recycling of everyday items can be life changing and sometimes life saving.

Solar Bottle

Picture of Alfredo Mosers C/-

I am always amazed by how the human mind can create ingenious products by using the most simplistic of ingredients. Take the solar light created by a Brazilian man called Alfredo Mosers over 10 years ago. All it takes to light up a room is a plastic soda bottle, water and a small amount of bleach. This bottle of light works at similar light to that of a 40 watt light bulb and obviously is a very cheap option for those in poor communities with no power or very little power. It works by a simple refraction of sunlight, which is when the refracted light is light bends as it travels from one substance to another. To read more about this amazing invention, please visit the recent BBC article on Alfredo Mosers, he is truly a remarkable man, bringing light to thousands of homes through out the world through his ingenious cost effective invention.  Also please check out this video on You Tube which show’s how this invention is changing lives.

Bottle of Water

Image c/- IRIN News

Another potentially life changing and certainly life saving use for plastic bottles is decontaminating water for areas where there is little or no safe drinking water. This method was developed by the Swiss Institute for Environmental Science and Technology (EAWEG), the method, called solar water disinfection, or SODIS, uses the sun’s UV-A rays and heat to decontaminate water. It has so far been used for up to 2 million people in over 20 countries. With countries where there is plentiful sunshine, a bottle of water sitting out in the sun for over 6 hours could be decontaminated and safe to drink. This is potentially life saving for those people who live in remote, poor locations who do not have access to safe drinking water. To read more about this please visit the IRIN News report.

This is just two simple ways of using an everyday item like a plastic soda bottle to change not just one person’s life for the better but thousands and possibly millions.

I am inspired by people who can come up with simple solutions like these to make other people’s life better.  It is truly a great gift that these people possess and one that I certainly admire.

What has someone invented or created that you admire or inspires you?

* Links to resources – BBC , You Tube, IRIN News

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  1. LubbyGirl says:

    oh my goodness – I never knew about this until now!! Thank you so much!

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