Latest 2014 Calendar Designs

As we are in November already, I thought now is a good time to add new 2014 calendar designs and update previous year’s calendar designs.

This one has a saying that was created by myself and my husband and it is relevant to our lives and I am sure it is to many peoples lives.

One Spontaneous Moment 2014

For us, things like taking a chance with a meeting with a local Peruvian lead us to an unforgettable adventure staying in a fisherman’s hut in the Amazon where people rowed upstream for two hours just to see me with my blonde hair and listening to the amazing mystical stories from the chief’s daughter, it is something that could never have been planned! I think with anything in life, taking a chance is good but always go with that gut feeling.

I am waiting to get this proofed on linen/cotton for a hanging tea towel but I also may consider getting it printed on paper and framed.

I’ve updated some of previous year’s calendar’s which do make lovely gifts.  I offer them for sale as a Fat Quarter on Linen/Cotton in my Spoonflower shop and it would be a straight seam all around the outside to create a unique tea towel or a hanging tea towel for a wall decoration.

Two colour-ways available for the USA and UK calendars, beige and light blue.  UKIrelandCalendarLinenCottonBlue Bkgrd


I am hoping to get one done for Australia in the next week or so which should not be as time consuming as the UK and USA as there are much less States/Counties to contend with.

Finally, I updated my last year’s calendar by mixing it with my retro kitchenalia design which I think would look great as a tea towel and with my inspirational saying would be nice to hang on the wall in a kitchen to add a bit of colour. 2014_RetroKitchenaliaRed Portrait FinalOneI need to proof this one and then I think I will be putting it up on my kitchen wall as it needs a bit of colour and I could do with some inspiring words to look at!

EDITED: 07/11/13

I updated my latest calendar design by changing the look of the letters and I think I like this version better so I will be sending this to the printers this week I hope.

One Spontaneous Moment Final Version 051113

UPDATED 2ND DECEMBER 2013: Some of these calendar tea towels are now available to buy from my ETSY store;

About Melanie Paul

Welcome, I am Melanie, a freelance surface pattern designer and mum of two gorgeous children. This blog is a journey of discovery and appreciation into the world of arts, crafts, design and everything in between. I keep everything real and honest in everything I do. I hope you enjoy reading and please do comment or share, if you share, please link back accordingly.
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