VW Camper Fabric Designs

I have been busy working on a personal project last week, designing fabric for the curtains on our lovely pink VW Campervan.  It is interesting how the design evolved over the week and it will be interesting to see designs printed up on the fat quarter samples.


I knew I wanted to have some floral or nature inspired theme in the design, something that said summer camping and reflected the VW Camper in some way.

photo (194)

The first thing I needed to think about was the colour palette and for this I used Adobe Kuler which is fantastic for getting colour palette’s for your projects.  I used these five colours as a baseline but did not necessarily stick to exactly these colours.

hibiscus textured-01The design above is the  beginnings of my design using the inside stitching on the door panels of the Campervan as inspiration.


I did these sketches of Hibiscus flowers as they always remind me of summer.

sketch to digital-01

Hibiscus sketches into digital pattern repeat.

lots of leaves with hibiscus-02

lots of leaves with hibiscus2-02

I really like these Hibiscus repeated patterns but my husband wanted to have an element of the VW Campervan in the design so I played around with that idea.

camper drawing2-01

I sketched the VW Campervan using the mouse as I didn’t want it to be perfect and have that hand drawn quality.


I like adding some of these designs to my Society6 shop to see how they would look on products and I quite like this t’shirt with my VW Campervan drawing on it.

trees in midnight blue cushion

I then went completely off track with my design and had a play with a photo I took last Autumn of some trees and I have to say, I quite like how this has turned out and might get some cushions made up from my Society6 Shop.

photo (200)

leaf sketches

I decided to go back to the nature theme and do some leaf doodles and incorporate them into new designs.

camper fabric2a-02

The rounded squares in this design reflect the VW Campervan windows and I also subtly incorporated the VW Camper sketch into this design.  I quite like the retro feel of this design.

abstract camper trees and leaves-02

A couple more designs using the same colour palette and similar motifs.

camper fabric3 lines 3-02

Through the Camper Windows

I really like how these designs look on cushions in my Society6 shop and I think it will either be one of these designs which I will use for the Campervan curtains.  What design is your favourite, I would love to hear your thoughts?

Tree Leaves Campervans

photo (201)

I look forward to receiving the fabric samples to see which design works best for the interior of the campervan, and then I may have a crash course in curtain making if I am brave enough!

I have enjoyed the design process for this project and have a few more projects lined up over the next few months that I hope to share.  For this week, I will be working on my new website which I hope to have up and running very soon with a new look for the blog hopefully if I figure it all out!


About Melanie Paul

Welcome, I am Melanie, a freelance surface pattern designer and mum of two gorgeous children. This blog is a journey of discovery and appreciation into the world of arts, crafts, design and everything in between. I keep everything real and honest in everything I do. I hope you enjoy reading and please do comment or share, if you share, please link back accordingly.
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8 Responses to VW Camper Fabric Designs

  1. Elizabeth - Lili & Mum's says:

    I prefer the more nature-y designs. I also like how you incorporated the van into them. It’s subtle, but playful.

  2. craftysorcha says:

    Great idea, especially seeing as VW have stopped making those vans!

    • Thank you. The VW Campervans are quite popular it seems, we were going to sell the one we have in South Africa but I think we will end up keeping it so I may need to design a different colour-way for that one! 🙂

  3. Sarahlove says:

    I love it!! I have a hot pink VW beetle! Loving the tiles!!

    Where will you order your fabric from? You’ve inspired me!

    • Melanie Paul says:

      Thank you! Wow another hot pink VW, how cool! I designed and ordered fabric from Spoonflower, I was so pleased with the results! 🙂

      • Sarahlove says:

        Yes !! I ended up finding the sight. Did you follow a pattern off the old drapes? I’ve measured out 6 yards it I’m thinking I should order 7 to be safe. How many yards did you order?

        My VW is posted on my Instagram @sarahfotobug
        Are you on IG?

        I really love your bus so much!!! It’s seriously the same color as my beetle. I had the paint shop match it to my favorite nail polish! If you ever sell it- contact me please!

  4. Melanie Paul says:

    Hi, I ordered 7 yards to be on the safe side and actually did have some over which I am going to make a couple of cushions one day soon! I got my curtains made for me using the same measurement of the old drapes.

    Yes I am on IG as the theoriginalthread. I shall look you up on IG and see your cool beetle!

    I love the fact you were able to paint your VW the same colour as your favourite nail polish, that is really neat. Pinky was painted with Porche pink apparently some years back and she certainly creates a stir when we are out and about. It is funny that you mention about ever selling it as we did have a conversation the other week about selling her as we are currently getting another VW Camper done up in South Africa and were not sure if we needed to have two campers! I am in two minds about selling her, she has been a labour of love and we have spent a small fortune of her and I don’t know if we could recover the costs and also if we are ready to let her go but ask me again in 6 months as we may consider! 🙂

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