New Website – New Blog Location

Well I have finally got my new website up and running.  Admittedly, it has taken a bit longer than I had anticipated but I am pleased to say that I did it all myself!

Please do take a look; and let me know your thoughts, feedback is always much appreciated!

I will be running my blog from my new website from now on and those that follow me should automatically be transferred over. However, if you want to go direct to my new blog page, please visit;

I am hoping to have more regular blog posts with a variety of subject matters ranging from design, art, craft and everything in between!

I look forward to sharing and connecting with you from my new site.

About Melanie Paul

Welcome, I am Melanie, a freelance surface pattern designer and mum of two gorgeous children. This blog is a journey of discovery and appreciation into the world of arts, crafts, design and everything in between. I keep everything real and honest in everything I do. I hope you enjoy reading and please do comment or share, if you share, please link back accordingly.
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